I am particularly pleased to have had the opportunity to publish several books in collaboration with good friends. It all began in 2001 with the appearance of “Les aus S’Albufera, la nostàlgia del fang” where my photographs accompany the words of Miquel Rayó, great writer and better friend. This collaboration continued with “Natura Mallorca”, “GR221 Serra de Tramuntana”, here with the help of my dear friends Joan and Vicenç Sastre. Later appears”A Birding Tourist’s guide to Majorca”, a very nice guide addressed specially to the birdwatchers (please visit for more details, reviews, etc.), this time working with ornithologists such as Josep Manchado and Maties Rebassa. Then follow the book “Alcudia”, with texts by Carme Suarez and “Landscapes of Illes Balears”, where teamed up again with Miquel Rayó. The year 2018 has been special for me from the editorial point of view, with two interesting books published. First it was Aucells / Aves de Mallorca, sharing a new project with Josep Manchado and Matíes Rebassa. And shortly after, a second book about the city where I live, Alcúdia, where in addition to photography, I participated in the text and coordination, a real challenge. If you are interested in any of the books but you have difficulties to find them, please contact me.

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les aus de s'albufera: la nostalgia del fang

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nature majorca

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gr 221 serra de tramuntana

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birding tourist's guide


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illes balears

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alcúdia 2018

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birds of mallorca

die vögel von mallorca

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hivern a mallorca

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