birds of mallorca 

die vögel von mallorca

Sebastià Torrens fotografia Mallorca - dsc05872-4.jpg

The guide "Aves de Mallorca, donde y cuando observarlas" is intended for both uninitiated and experts in the Balearic Ornithology. In its pages the reader will find:

 • Rigorous and updated information on each and every one of the bird species observed.

 • 200 files with quality photos, detailed presence maps, phenological diagrams, description of plumages and abundance of each species 

• Checklist of the 371 species cited in Mallorca in the wild, plus another 9 of dubious origin.

 It is, in short, an attractive and informative book, which in turn is also a specialized reference guide and a small distribution atlas of the birds of Mallorca, Cabrera and Dragonera.

«Aus / aves de Mallorca»

Edit: Birding and Nature Majorca, year: 2,018 

Texts: Maties Rebassa  Maps and phenology: Josep Manchado  Design and layout: M. Carmen Orihuela 

Photographs: Sebastià Torrens, with the collaboration of  Juan Sagardia, Mario Suárez and Maties Rebassa

  Languages: Catalan and Spanish 

 Price: 24 euros